One thought on “March 2020

  • 21st July 2020 at 1:03 am

    [Okay, so I’m waaay behind. I only recently got a working printer again.]

    Soup: Took me quite a while to get beyond placing the first three in the grid, and then found myself with two seemingly equally valid options for starting off one of the other corners. Thankfully I plumped for the right one. SW corner was the last to fall, and I’d guess most people found that too? Once I was able to get into solving clues that “fitted”, I enjoyed working out the logic of the placements. Fave clues: G, P (Reward-ing, iyswim. No?), T.

    Chameleon: I was confused for a while, as the special clues are allegedly listed in alphabetical order of “the solutions ENTERED [into the grid, I assume, as otherwise I don’t know what that means.]”. They aren’t, they’re in alphabetical order of the solutions which must have equivalents found. One of these is the only clue I haven’t solved yet, but I’ll keep staring. I did like the PDM for the special clues when it came, though. Fave clue 12, also 19, 10, 16, 17, 31 & Special#2.

    Eclogue: This took me ages. Each one satisfying when I got it though, and the cross-fitting took ages too, but was also a mini-relief for each one. Learned a few things too. 🙂 Fave clues: 2, 8. I can’t parse 1d, but I haven’t looked at the solutions yet. I imagine filling the grid must have taken quite a while.

    I haven’t got into the Opsimath yet.

    Cheers all!

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