Five monthly crosswords to challenge your mind

Welcome to ‘1 Across’, the subscription magazine for cryptic crossword enthusiasts.

Started by the legendary crossword compiler Araucaria in April 1984, we produce twelve issues of 1 Across per year, each featuring five high-quality puzzles. They’re often themed, or feature an unusual conceit; on some you’ll need to ‘solve the clues and fit them into the grid jigsaw-wise, wherever they will go’ – the common factor is that they’re all designed to be entertaining.

Four of the puzzles will be brand new from our bank of setters – many of whom have been featured in newspapers or on crossword blogs, but others of whom are up and coming in the compiling world. There’s also one historical Araucaria puzzle in each issue – we believe the enjoyment he offers the solver in each puzzle never fails, even at a second battle with his intelligence and wit.