Featuring puzzles from Chalicea, Chorybdis, Eclogue and Trigon.

Note that Chalicea’s grid is incorrect – I had pulled out a neat version of a circular grid from another puzzle and failed to realise there were 40 clues in her puzzle, not 36 (as in the grid). A correct grid is below! Mea maxima culpa. Hamish

September 2019

One thought on “September 2019

  • 12th November 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Hi Hamish

    Thanks for giving us the grid.
    I’ve been enjoying the latest puzzles in the October edition, but I am totally flummoxed with Radler. Is anyone else as confused as I am?
    I just can’t get my head round the instructions which is driving me mad – yes, making my brain go squiffy! Any help out there?

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