Here at 1 Across, we have lots of compilers setting top-quality puzzles for the magazine. Araucaria was keen to encourage up-and-coming setters, too, and to that end we’ve introduced ‘Newbie corner’. Here, we’ll post puzzles by new compilers for you to tackle; you’ll be able to give comments on each puzzle, too, so the compilers will see what you think. Unlike puzzles in the magazine, these puzzles will be unedited, so there may be┬ásome rougher edges!

House rules:

  • Be nice! Constructive criticism is welcomed; brickbats not so.
  • Don’t post solutions. Hints are allowed.
  • Please don’t post links to your own puzzles; keep the comments focussed on the puzzle in question.
  • Be nice. (Did we already say that?)

The puzzles appear below…