This issue sees the return of¬†Skipjack with a puzzle for which you’d be advised to seek help, a celebration of a discovery from Grackle, a perimetrical jigsaw from Cutter which should raise a smile, and one of Chalicea’s circular puzzles.

March 2017

3 thoughts on “March 2017

  • 21st April 2017 at 11:28 am

    I’ve registered and found my way to the Newbie crossword but can’t find a clue to 30Ac, is it me or a blip in the set-up?

    • 21st April 2017 at 12:30 pm

      Well spotted – it fell off the bottom of the PDF. I’ll fix that when I’m back at my computer later; the clue reads ‘Violently drowns work of nature (8)’.

      • 21st April 2017 at 1:30 pm

        Now fixed. You may need to hit Shift-Refresh when you’re viewing the PDF to see the corrected version…

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