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    Hello Deuce and welcome,

    Printed this out to have a crack at it today. Will report back!


    in reply to: A puzzle by Wire #332


    Hi Laccaria, thanks for your review…I think all of your points are fair and I will take them on board.

    Yes, the fonts were all out on the first upload…you will see that Trigon alerted me so I re-posted a corrected version. That problem has never occurred before or since so I still don’t know what on Earth happened.

    Have a good weekend, W

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    Hello Laccaria, welcome to the site! I am relatively new to this as well…it looks like we are revolving in similar circles!

    I have completed your puzzle today. I thought the level of difficulty was just about right for me (I think I’m a sound solver but not ‘expert’). Took me around two hours on and off (I broke halfway through to mow the lawn in the searing heat of the afternoon sun…it would have been a shame to leave it until the evening when it was cooler and actually pleasant).

    I liked the grid. I’m trying to get the hang of self-design. Anax’s piece on BD’s site is helpful…have you seen it?

    My ticks went to 5d, 6d, 17d ( I thought there may have been a mini-theme with 15d…but it is probably nothing) and 10a. Your ‘mega-gram’ I got without the grind…after 1d and 2d were solved, it just jumped out at me. Well done for fitting it in, though.

    A few things I noted:
    – ‘about’ was used 5 times and ‘back’ 3 times in succession ( 12,13,14 across)
    – 22a clue seemed quite long for a 5 letter answer (I really struggle with keeping my clue word count down…I went on Boatman’s course recently (was excellent) and he picked up on it. I have tried to put myself on a ‘no more than 10 words’ diet…with varying degrees of success)
    – 12a I can’t parse…could you explain?

    All-in-all I really enjoyed this so ‘thank you’ for uploading it and I look forward to your next.
    Cheers, W

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    After picking it up and putting it down for about a fortnight, I managed to get most of this cracked…but had to peek at the solution in the end.

    A great challenge, Whynot, I really enjoyed it. 17a had my ‘spidey senses’ tingling, quickly followed by 5d. 21d was my favourite.

    The clues that I couldn’t parse are addressed in the comments above.

    I certainly need to bone up on the subject matter as it crops up so frequently in the cryptic world.

    Looking forward to the next! Cheers, W

    in reply to: SH! by Trigon #318


    Hello Trigon, Wow…what a feat of setting…must have taken you some time to put together. Hats off to you!

    I cracked the conceit reasonably early on but ran into the long grass with 13a which made me backtrack as I couldn’t figure one of the checked squares…so I must say I had to take a millisecond of a glance at the solution as I was pulling my hair out after picking it up and putting it down again for almost a day! But then seeing what you’d cleverly done, I was back on the horse again. I got most of the grid filled in the end.

    I don’t understand 12a even after seeing your solution notes…could you explain please??

    Thanks, W

    in reply to: A puzzle by Wire #316


    Hi Whynot…thanks for taking on my puzzle and for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I wasn’t sure whether to put this forward, TBH. A few people who trialled it for me didn’t like the cross-referencing aspect…or at least felt that I had gone too far. I personally quite like puzzles like this that go a lot further!

    Thanks for your helpful feedback:
    – you’ve never had curried 2? It’s the best thing ever…no, I jest, I don’t think there is such a thing. Maybe could have used a better indicator
    – I actually had ‘former’ in the first draft but I removed it as it didn’t seem to scan too well…but I agree, that ‘former’ is more accurate
    – 19 I found really hard to define according to the Chambers definition…I played with it for ages! So you have spotted exactly what I did instead…defined it as I thought most would understand it. Lazy clueing!
    – 28 I thought ‘play’ was ok as an anag indicator…although I have just checked and it isn’t in the List of Anag Indicators in my software so fair enough
    – 29 ‘knock back’ was my reversal indicator, with (drink = DOWN) : my Chambers has sundown as one word
    – 5d I can’t see what’s wrong with what I have clued here…although PoS is something I am only starting to get to grips with consistently so I bow to your experience! I had thought that : BIRD = definition: IS ON THE SHOULDERS ON etc. indicates a noun also (omitting IT…which I believe is deemed acceptable?).
    – 20d it is in my Chambers…but I found it by accident and I’m not sure if I’ve seen it used before!

    Please do come back on any of the above, esp. re 5d. I am going to give In Beirut a crack next week…I am currently getting to grips with Trigone’s SH! which is occupying all available grey matter at this time!
    Cheers, W

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    Hi Trigon, thanks for looking at my puzzle. I don’t know what on earth went on with the font…the software I use is very glitchy on this sort of thing and I didn’t notice it when I checked before posting. I’ve attached a re-formatted version 2.0 which should look more uniform.

    15D…I’m not sure I’ve picked up the one-letter discrepancy : rev MANE O(URE)D …or have I missed something??
    12A…I agree with you now that I have looked at it

    I started your SH! late last night and put it down scratching my head. I woke up first thing this morning and your device immediately jumped out at me…funny how that happens! I will give it my full attention today.

    Cheers, W

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