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    It seems timely to offer this – suitable for, say, a tea-time solve. Probably a gentler proposition than ‘SH!’



    I thought the rubric was there to indicate a theme, but having (mostly) solved the puzzle, I’ve decided there’s no point to it at all!

    Actually, the penny dropped soon after I had tutted and made an adverse note upon finding the answer to 10a was used in a clue very soon afterwards.

    I actually went into the puzzle thinking “Ah, yes, that’s something the chairman on R4’s Round Britain Quiz sometimes says”, so was expecting a torture rather than the pleasant romp I actually had. You certainly know how to work a theme.

    I’m afraid I can’t get 23, even with two crossers. Can you put the solution up, please, Trigon? Same goes for 25, even though I think I can guess the answer there. Do I have to follow EastEnders to get it as well as the main event? I’m afraid I don’t have a telly and wouldn’t watch soaps if I did. I have, very occasionally, seen Armstrong and Osman at work chez friends, and have appreciated the latter’s wit on radio panel shows and the former in his sketch show with Miller some time back.

    Some nice cluing, some deviously complicated like 8d, but all doable (except the two I couldn’t do!). 27 was very neat and I liked the appropriate surface in 19a, amongst others. I haven’t seen “masked” used like that before (1d). Have you?

    I particularly liked 6d, 7 and 21. (Spent a lot of time thinking about gaunts for that last).

    I don’t understand 11. Is it a homophone of a word for “stabe man”? If so, a bit naughty, as defs should be unencrypted. ‘Transmission’ is dubious as anagrind imho. Is ‘applied’ a correct def for 16a?

    The clue for 26 is indexed “25”, btw.

    Very enjoyable, all in all. I’ve made a start on SH! and have the conceit (though not 7 yet). I’ll keep at it and report back in due course.



    Thank you very much for the feedback, Whynot. For now I’ll post the solution; please allow me to pick up in a little while on the points you’ve raised.



    Thanks, Trigon. (Thought I posted more but it vanished. Oh well.



    As I said in the disappeared comment I was too tired to rewrite last night:

    I think 23 was gettable without detailed familiarity with the theme, but I probably didn’t get it for the same reason it’s (?apparently) often awarded nul points.

    I’d guessed 25 right and appreciate the wp now despite my ignorance of soaps. Wouldn’t “Number presented classically by [etc]” be better?

    Forget my comment about “masked”; it’s fine. My misparsing.

    I see Chambers has stable-man as a def for 11, so np. Isn’t “it’s said” redundant verbiage, though?

    Think I forgot to say how much I liked 24 before.

    Hope I haven’t made too many points here …



    You can point as much as you wish, Whynot!

    10: Yes, ‘broadcast’ might have been better than ‘transmission’, although Chambers gives ‘broadcast’ as a definition of the verb ‘transmit’.

    11: I included “it’s said” to indicate Stableman as the definition, whereas “Stable man” was a better fit for the surface.

    25: “Classic number” was an attempt to allude to AA’s pretensions as a singer (he’s released a couple of solo albums).



    Thanks for welcoming my “points”, Trigon, but that was supposed to be a gag (mimicking the presumed thoughts of a contestant in the show).

    10 “Transmit” doesn’t really cover the “scattering” sense of broadcast, though, so I’m still not convinced of its validity as an anagrind. Of course I did understand it as such when solving, so not too far off the mark.

    11. I refer to my original comment: wordplay in definition is disallowed by at least some editors.

    25. I see. Yes, I heard AA promoting his work on Jools Holland’s R2 show some time back. Not bad, actually. However I think you’ve sacrificed definitional exactitude for the sake of a good surface, unless you can say what’s “classic” about the number which is the answer. I thought you were alluding to the Romans, but that’s in the wp, not the answer, hence my (not very good) suggestion.

    Anyway, it was a very enjoyable puzzle notwithstanding the nitpicks.

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