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    I think this is the best venue for this puzzle. Answers at the weekend.

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    Hi Gonzo,
    I enjoyed this one more than your previous ones. (Maybe I’m “tuning in” to you…) Although, on an initial read-through, I was stumped on them all until I got to 6d, where…
    …the variant spelling leapt out at me. After that, I managed to start breaking my way in.

    Faves: 11, 17, 22, 20, 18.
    I spotted a mini-theme in 3 of the D clues, which lead me to a stumbling block on 2d, as I was sure I knew who was doing it for themselves. Misdirection? Nicely done if so. Got it in the end.
    23 This is obviously a variant spelling to the one I know, but it’s the second time I’ve come across it in a xwd in two weeks.
    I got 9 without fully parsing it. Finally got there with a massive groan. I think that means I like it! 🙂
    12 is an &lit, right? I’m not sure the definition quite works for me. Close, but maybe I need to look it up in a few different dictionaries.

    Not sure about “to dance around” in 13, and it seems that 8 should have “in” instead of “on”?

    I am stuck on 15. I’m going to kick myself, aren’t I?

    Good puzzle.




    Thanks Void,
    yes, misdirection in 2d, or at least trying to work the theme into more clues e.g. 5,3 . It makes you appreciate Chameleon’s Abba puzzle all the more.
    12 Chambers gives ‘waggish, mischievous’
    13 think daffodils (Chambers again)
    8 “on my team” “in my side” – seems fair to me, trying not to telegraph the answer.
    15 yes I think you will kick yourself 🙂

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    1. Puzzle7Answers.rtf


    8,12,13 Ah, yep, all fair enough then.
    15. D’oh. Should have got it from the def, but I was on the wrong track with the island, so… mild facepalm, rather than the full kick.



    Sorry to have taken so long to comment on this one. I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed 5 across, the tricksy 15, 27 (probably my favourite), the simple but effective 18, 20 (nice use of ‘hosts’), and 8 – always nice to see one of our obsolete letters cropping up. (Off topic, and apologies if it’s not the done thing to mention other crossword magazines here, but the sample issue of Magpie which is on their website includes the neat and similarly thorny clue “Time polled in Old Norse: not a pangram (9)”.)

    The only hint of the theme I picked up was the one in 2 down, as I’m not that well-versed in the longer titles. That made me think the answer was going to involve NUNS (sisters)…

    As I said, a fun puzzle. I was impressed in particular by the long solutions, as I’ve mainly and lazily avoided grids with long solutions because of how they reduce the grid-filling possibilites. Looking forward to the next one.




    Thanks Chameleon, nice clue from Magpie. I was thinking polled was a ‘remove outer letters’ indicator, but got there after a while. And that’s the simplest grade of puzzle they do!?
    I started with the long solutions in the grid because I already had the clues in mind, but getting more Eurythmics references in was a struggle. Deliberate ones are to
    I love you like a ball and chain
    Do you want to break up?
    Take your pain away
    Sisters are doing it for themselves
    and an accidental ‘broken-hearted’ for
    No fear, no hate, no pain (no broken hearts)

    I have a puzzle up at Big Dave’s site – but the lead time is so long that it was compiled at roughly the same time as my last there (it’s puzzle 4).



    I’m similarly intimidated by the Magpie… Cheers for the extra theme explanations. It’s an interesting way of doing a theme. Most of the themed puzzles I see tend to be either ghost themes or they announce themselves very clearly with lots of proper nouns flying about in the clues (see, erm, a certain ABBA puzzle). So yours was an interesting halfway point between those types which gives the solver some hint that something’s afoot but also hangs onto some of its secrets for a while longer too.

    I saw and enjoyed your Big Dave puzzle, particularly the surface and cryptic meanings of “for Trump”. I always feel a bit odd about commenting, though, as I’m just another rookie!

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