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    Hamish Symington

    Crossword setting is becoming more popular, particularly with the likes of Boatman’s crossword setting masterclasses and classes run by the Guardian’s Paul (search for ‘crossword’). Sadly, for newspapers and 1 Across alike, there are always more setters compiling puzzles than there is space for publication. Sites such as Big Dave’s Crossword Blog and Alberich’s site offer spots for publication for up-and-coming setters, and here at 1 Across we feature a handful of puzzles by new setters every year.

    However, even with those sites, there are still more puzzles than space. Araucaria, who founded 1 Across, was always very keen to encourage new setters, though, and to that end we’ve created a forum on this site where people can upload puzzles for the world to see; we publicise this to our members, and of course you can send the link out to your friends, too.

    Puzzles on this forum aren’t edited in any way, so it’s up to the submitter to provide tight clues. Puzzles which go into the magazine are edited and test solved by an experienced team!

    House rule: Be nice. This is the only rule. If you disagree with someone, do so pleasantly: crossword setting and solving is supposed to be fun. Different people do things different ways; if you are a militant Ximenean, accept the fact that, if the setter is a self-declared rampant libertarian, you might not like their puzzle.

    Submission guidelines: Upload .pdf, .doc or .docx files (the forum won’t accept .rtf files). It’s up to you as to whether you want to upload a solution or not!

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