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    Hi all,
    Here’s my July puzzle. A few clues are over-crossed, sorry. Answers, with a few comments are (behind a link) on my blog.



    Hi Void, enjoyed this despite the unfriendly grid.
    **** SPOILERS ****
    Ticks against
    18 (though if he hadn’t been the first historian suggested by the word length, I might not like it so much)

    1ac not sure about the def. – ‘implement’ perhaps?
    25ac is the ‘topper’ reference to records held?
    6 ref. to Boy George as well? Or just boy’s name.
    13 since this is neither a standard cryptic clue, nor an obvious cryptic definition, I think it would be fairer to the solver to have ‘it describes’ or ‘description of’.
    19 Shame about the surface, and coming so soon after another ‘hidden-reversed’.




    Hi Gonzo,
    Thanks. Glad you like 9 – for no good reason, that was a stinker to pull something nice together for.

    1a I would have preferred to use “artist materials”, but I’d already used “artist” in another clue. I did wonder about the definition, but I decided that “art materials” includes implements used to make art, and not just materials from which art is made. “Art supplies” would have worked better, but the singular of that sounded weird to me.
    25a One particular record, yes.
    6 I clued it wrt the singer, and it was only on a second or third read, that it occurred to me that “Boy” means… err.. , well, “boy”! Duhr. I’ve read that some people aren’t keen on the use of “boy” or “girl” to clue a name, but I haven’t read exactly what the objection is. Too many options, maybe? I suppose it depends on the context of the clue. Do you think it would have been better just as “Boy king” (conjuring images of Tutenkhamun, perhaps), or did it need the qualifying brackets? I wasn’t sure.
    13 I liked the misdirection of maybe as a DBE indicator, but perhaps that was too mean, and you’re right.
    19 Fair enough, on both counts. 🙂

    Thanks for feedback.



    6 The objection to boys’ and girls’ names is the vast array of options, yes – pretty much anything – especially if it is part of the wordplay. ‘Boy king’ would be fine for a certain demographic.



    Hi Void,

    Thanks for this. I’ve got ticks for ASAP (I tried cluing this myself for a puzzle I haven’t put anywhere yet and didn’t come up with anything as snappy). I really liked the HERODOTUS clue. I suppose some might have wanted a homophone indicator there, as it’d probably not be written “dot us”, but it was fine for me. Really liked the surfaces to 3, 21 and 29. 7 made me smile.

    I still don’t get 23, I’m afraid.




    Thanks Chameleon,
    23 is a DD. Often preceeded by “Oh”, “My!” is an expression of surprise (albeit a slightly prim, and fairly outdated one), as is the answer. Murmur is a more straightforward def.
    Fair point about the homophone, ta. I hadn’t realised.

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