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    Here’s my latest. Printable PNG attached, or browser-solvable here. Answers will pop up in a scheduled post on my blog next Thursday at noon. Hope you enjoy it.

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    Hi Void,

    Thanks for this. I particularly enjoyed two of the solutions! Favourite clues: 7, 11, 24, 3 (echo of Jay-Z intentional?), 17 (reminded me of the old joke about the dog with no nose) and 19 – that last is probably my clue of the crossword. I was curious to see if 19 had been done before since ‘estate’ seems so useful for a surface – Fifteensquared suggests other people have used the same eld_est split, but I think yours is the best surface someone’s found for it. I haven’t been able to parse 9 although I assume it must be LJUBLJANA. Never heard of a LISTENING WATCH, but I liked the clue and it was pretty easy to work out from the crossing letters.

    Quibbles: I’ve been unsure about constructions like ‘even’ in 2 since reading Hamish’s submission guidelines on this site, where he says that “fellow oddly” gives FLO but “odd fellow” doesn’t. I think I’m with him in thinking you need ‘evenly’ for this to be watertight, although the intention is clear enough. Also I’m not fully convinced that 8 and 15 are all that cryptic as cryptic defs, although I sympathise with having a 14-letter word to get rid of, as one of them is currently preventing me finishing Chameleon #10! (Weirdly my 14-letter is a phrase you’d probably hear before a programme break). Is “programme break” a coding phrase? If so then I can see how there’d be a misleading alternative reading.

    Thanks again



    Re 9, see the online Collins entry, Chameleon.
    Thanks for the namecheck Void – the Maltese island was new to me. More comment later.



    Oh, neat! I’ll try to remember that one although the odds of it coming up again seem slim. Thanks for the heads up.



    Pretty accessible, I got stuck for a while in the SE, my old record label knowledge being poor and LISTENING WATCH being unfamiliar.
    I liked for surface 7,1,2,17 and 19
    and for construction:
    22 that’s the longest ‘alternate letter’ result I think I’ve seen.
    16 Nice misdirection with C TON rather than CWT for hundredweight. One for the oldies though.
    So a toss-up between 2 and 19 for favourite.

    11 I guess ESP is one of those abbreviations that we pick up but which don’t make the dictionaries.
    21 I had KELLY for a while, as in Henry. Wrong quiz.
    5 I would have preferred some context for Anne (though I would still have had to look it up).
    6 Mal didn’t spring to mind as a common Scottish name as Tam, Jock, Niall and Ian do.
    18 ‘Brave’ anagrind 🙂

    Thanks Void



    Having seen Void’s post, I wonder who the third ‘wave’ is?
    I see myself as a Nina, also ‘synths’ in the bottom row. Rutger Hauer played a Replicant in Blade Runner though? Synths are from Humans.



    Hi guys,

    Thanks as ever, for the solve and comment. To answer some points:

    11 Oh, damn, mea culpa.

    24 Ta, I was pleased how well board worked in the surface.

    3 I was working on the Roman numerals angle, but struggling with a definition, and then, yes, thoughts of Jay-Z popped up after “99” and there was my answer (errr… clue)!

    17 (ditto) 🙂

    19 Ah, thanks. Had to wrestle that one into shape a fair bit….

    9 and 10 were both answers that had to go in to complete the grid. Had no idea how I was going to clue 9 for a while (decided the only option was for a fairly obvious/gettable def), and I also hadn’t heard of 10 before, but felt it was gettable with crossers.

    2 Thanks for the cryptic grammar reminder, C.

    8/15 Yes, these both depend on how you read them. I’ll often find myself on the setter’s wavelength for a particular clue, so think “Oh, well that’s clearly X, then”. So for these, I was hoping that there’d be some confusion between “adding a break to a programme”/”placing into the break in a programme” and “the method by which placebos *do* work”/”the manner by which it was *discovered* that placebos work”. If you got straight there on either of them, then okay, they were a lower-level of cryptic, but perhaps they might not have been for someone else. I’m okay with that either way. “Program break” is not a coding phrase AFAIK. “Line break” is, but that’s another kettle of fish.

    16 I wasn’t sure about the lift & separate there, but decided to stick with it. Glad you liked it, G.

    18 I’ll take “brave”! 🙂

    Synth – ah, yes, I may be mixing up my perjorative origins. “Skin-job” was in Bladerunner, I think. I blame the sub-ether radio.

    I’d had this puzzle pencilled for October, and you two slotted inside it, but after solving Chameleon’s last, I thought there’s obviously something in the air (void references, and “retuned Ron” being v similar to a Cham clue), so I brought it forwards. Column 14 gobsmacked me when I saw it!

    The third wave is to a friend who doesn’t hang out on crossword sites, but will either read my blog, or have it pointed out to him. He is also admirable in some ways.




    Hi both,
    I have a puzzle coming out at Big Dave’s Rookie Corner tonight.



    As luck would have it, just checked here to see if any new puzzles had been posted. I’ll check out your Rookie in a few minutes’ time. Best of luck with it.

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