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    Here’s my latest. I’ll just post the solution here now as well.

    AFAIK all solutions are in the online Chambers or Collins, except one which is on the free OED website. I’m hoping it’s a word most people have heard before at some point anyway.

    I’ll warn you that a certain pop-cultural reference in one of the clues might raise eyebrows as inexact or just plain wrong, but I think it’s eminently justifiable for multiple reasons!

    Disclaimers done…

    Happy solving,

    Chameleon 🦎



    Oh. I thought I could upload 2 attachments at once. This one’s the puzzle.

    1. Chameleon-4.pdf


    Hi Chameleon,
    Those are both the puzzle 😉
    You have an enumeration error at 15d I believe.



    Whoops. Thanks for letting me know. Here, I hope, are the amended puzzle and the solution!



    Got there in the end, though some were baffling at first glance.
    Particularly good were 13/23 (the controversial pop-culture reference?), 6 and 17.
    Thanks for the challenge.

    9 doesn’t work for me, since all cells have DNA and an ovum is so much more than its DNA. ‘Involuntary removal of germ’ perhaps? Or even ‘Involuntary emission of germ(s)’.
    12 How are you indicating the removal of the S? ‘Bottom s’ works in a down clue, but not here imo.
    19 I like the clue. Sometimes salient things are inessential though – and distract from the essence.
    25 The definition is a bit of a stretch without ‘oneself’.
    8 Is this the word not found in the usual sources? It was new to me.
    14d I had ‘out’ for a while, which works nearly as well (down, out of service, knocked out)
    21d I wouldn’t have thought of gunslinger being hitman.
    23 Aha, I thought it was ‘TV’ (the box) with a different speech impediment. Mr. Ross has been absent from my consciousness for some time, and I don’t think I was aware of the nickname.

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    Hi Gonzo,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Yep – that was the reference I thought might raise eyebrows. I’ve seen xword commenters argue that D.W. shouldn’t be used to refer to the character. But the original actors were credited as playing DW and there are lines of dialogue you can point to to argue DW = the character if you need to, so… *shrugs*

    I wasn’t a huge fan of my 9 either. I like yours though.
    12 ‘Bottom’ was my not entirely convincing last letter indicator there, yes…
    19 I was thinking “just give me the salient points”, which is more or less synonymous with the answer isn’t it?
    25 Again, mea culpa. I was forced to use that word by the grid really.
    8 Actually this is in Collins. It’s 22a that I could only find in the OED. That was another word forced on me by the grid, as opposed to 8 which I forced on the grid because I wanted to use Supercalifrag…etc……
    14d I realise this was a problem with this clue earlier. Hopefully the crossers help reduce the risk of someone writing it in wrong.
    21d Yeah I was a bit stuck on synonyms for gunslinger there… Googling suggested they were often hit men so I went with it
    23 That other reading hadn’t occurred to me. I suppose there’s probably a character with a German accent you could use to signal that. It always surprises me a bit that Wossy doesn’t come up more, because he’s a way to play around with audio stuff that’s also pretty generous to the solver as it’s an example of the speech impediment in question!

    Thanks again for the comments



    Oh, I thought the controversy might be over whether it should be No. 10 or No. 9 or whatever 🙂
    Did you catch my puzzle over at Big Dave’s site? And if so did you twig the theme?
    Seems to have been more fun to set than to solve, but I’ve no regrets.



    Oh right. Mercifully nobody seems to disagree over the numbering! I haven’t seen your Rookie Corner puzzle but I’ll check it out in the week. My own puzzle there didn’t get a great reception. Whoops..



    (Hi, Gonzo. Have now had a go at your Big Dave crossword, with some help from the ‘reveal letter’ button. Nice work with the title, although the theme eluded me. Favourites 8a, 16 and 15. Maybe I’ll have another go at getting the RC crowd on side one of these days…)



    I was stumped by 2,7 (couldn’t get the coat),8,9,10,21.

    Favourites 1, 16, 15, 23.
    5 and 25 both took me forever, even though I was on the right track for both. (Love your DD note on 5, btw! 🙂 )
    Reading 10… ah, now I like it!

    Not sure that “of” is enough of hidden word indicator on its own in 8? I’m still not parsing 2.
    Stop as the def in 21… hmmm… yeah, okay, I guess.

    Wrote the above before reading the notes in the thread… [reads them]…

    Funny, 13 jumped out at me straight away. I also wasn’t mad about the ‘bottom’ in 12, but I thought it was just about fair.

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