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    ..and possibly my last: I still don’t think I have the mojo to produce any more puzzles. But this one has been gestating for quite a while, and I got some mentoring feedback and made a few alterations, so I made an effor to finish it – I reckon it’s still a toughie like my previous. Have fun especially with the long ‘un! Feel free to leave feedback but don’t feel obliged to. I’ll post the solution in the next day or two.



    I don’t think this was particularly difficult, given the presence of the long quotation straddling a substantial portion of the grid. There were several good clues here: most notably 10A, 12A, 5D, 7D and 8D. Thank you for sharing this. I saw what you wrote recently about the comments on the Rookie Corner at Big Dave’s site and hope you will not give up.



    Thanks for the comments, most welcome, although I’m afraid I still don’t see myself continuing with this activity. True I have a grid-fill with a loosely-related ghost theme of a real vintage nature, but I really can’t see a way to getting the clues done….

    I see that you have posted a puzzle on here, different than the one you sent to BD recently. Will certainly have a belated go at it! 🙂

    Anyway, here is the solution to my #19.



    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    Rather good, I thought, and not as easy for me as for Harold apparently, possibly because the long ‘un was unknown to me. In fact, once I’d identified the reference, having completed the NE section, I thought about giving up because I’ve never seen it despite, of course, knowing of it. However, after getting some of the crossers, I made a good enough guess to get it with a search. It’s still taken me till today, off and on, to finish the puzzle though.

    9a was a delightful surface and cryptically neat too.

    10a was a new word for me (unsurprisingly) but gettable from wp and a nice surface with the pale complexion from time inside.

    15 etc. Did it really go out every Wed at 9pm? Very cute anagram if so. I hear it’s on at 5pm every day at the moment somewhere. I eventually got a link to a YouTube containing the relevant clip.

    23a Took a long time to get as I didn’t spot the reference without mention of the other occupant of that craft.

    29 LOI, got from word search. Wasn’t too sure if the definition was right, but both have ‘fidelity’ as definitions, so ok. Complicated by the adjectival “fairy”.

    3d Another new word, but I guessed it from crossers and confirmed. It seemed a likely candidate to be the Latin for what I guessed was the def.

    7d Small technical point: that’s a former ministry. Always best to indicate such things if possible.

    8d Racy!

    11. Is/was it a soap? Or a sitcom? Didn’t follow it, though I hear it is/was excellent.

    16 Not keen on ‘flow’.

    19 Didn’t get the wordplay, perhaps because ‘departing’ doesn’t seem a very good synonym. (Or perhaps because I’m a bit thick). I was trying for ages to think of the name of a RN 60’s sub. Got it from wordsearch in the end.

    24 I told you once before that ‘U’ doesn’t meant ‘fashionable’. Did you forget, or didn’t you believe me? I even linked you to the full facts. Luckily I remembered you thought that’s what it means!

    Cheers, Laccaria. If this is anything to go by, you definitely shouldn’t be thinking of throwing the towel in.



    Hi Whynot, good to hear from you: thanks for taking me on and thanks for your comments (won’t try to answer them all individually). Yes the long one was just a bit of fun – actually I looked up, the series originally went out on Thursdays not Wednesdays, but the wordplay wouldn’t allow that…

    You’re not the first person to urge me to “keep trying” but I’m afraid it needs a bit of a spark from the Muse (which Muse should I invoke btw? Thalia?) – which spark just isn’t there at the moment. Thanks anyway.

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