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    Hello again Tony,

    I very much enjoyed completing your puzzle yesterday. As I was expecting from your feedback on my own submission, it was very well crafted and seemed to suit my level of experience very well. I did not look at the “tickertape” until after I had completed the grid, and the penny suddenly dropped as to why 5 had been included – incidentally a great CD in itself, I thought. I found the SW quadrant by far the most challenging, if that chimes with other solvers’ experience?

    I think most of my thoughts have been covered and responded to in earlier correspondence (20,6 & 15) but there were a few others I struggled with for a while:

    11 needed a check with Google, but I assumed I was on the right lines from the wordplay.
    13 filled itself in before I really had chance to look at the cluee. I have to admit I didn’t get the wordplay until reading your notes.
    14 was a new word to me, despite being shown several of them over a working lifetime!
    16 I must be missing something – the definition still eludes me, despite my geographical bent!
    22 I wasn’t sure “presentation on” was needed when I solved the clue, but I was assuming “project” equating as a verb to “talk”. I suspect it was “presentation” and the noun “talk”?
    29 “about” was a serious misdirection.
    30 As well as doubting the definiton, now explained in your earlier posts, I was having great difficulty in relating “lion” to “king”, until I read it out to my wife who just gave me a withering look…Hakuna Matata!

    21 The GK was no problem to me, but perhaps very difficult to Google if anyone really had no idea?

    Again, thanks for a very fair puzzle which fell into place most satisfyingly. It gave me several laughs as I worked on it, which is more than I can say for the horror in the i which I attempted having finshed yours!


    Phil / Vanellus.

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    Thanks, Phil. Glad you enjoyed it and that it raised a laugh, as intended. 5d was the starting point for the whole enterprise, as I think I may have explained above.

    14 was not a word I knew, either, before Crossword Compiler threw it at me, but I think the wordplay was clear enough to get you there and confirm. Next time you see one you’ll be able to refer to it as such!

    16 is a homonym of “I’ll” (broadcast) and is a feature of the “main” (sea).

    In 22, “presentation” is TALK (give a presentation/talk on …) and “pet project” is BABY (see Chambers)

    29 Heh! Heh! It does perhaps require a little Latin, or at least familiarity with the Latin titles of some very famous works, such as Copernicus’ De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On (=about) the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres). Also, with only two checked letters out of five, not necessarily easy. I just thought “foe” would come to mind quite quickly as a synonym for “enemy” and then the game would be up. Unfortunately, there is at least one person who didn’t get it.

    30 Actually, it was nothing to do with the Disney film. The lion is traditionally known as the “King of the Jungle”, although not necessarily very appropriately. See here.

    21 has been criticised as somewhat parochial, which I accept. To people of my age (approaching retirement age) who grew up in the UK it seems inconceivable that someone hasn’t heard of her, which just goes to show …

    All the best
    Tony / Whynot

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