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    This is the first crossword I’ve shared with people who aren’t friends or family, so I’d be grateful for any comments readers of the board can give. I’m interested to know how easy/difficult the puzzle as a whole is, as it’s obviously hard to judge that for yourself when you have the benefit of knowing all the answers…!

    I should say that in one of the clues I’ve used a current slang term which might be unfamiliar to some. Struggling to find an original clue for the word, I took the view that if 20th-century slang unfamiliar to those born in the 21st is fair game for use in a crossword, then the opposite should also apply.

    Thanks in advance for whatever comments anybody who looks at the crossword is able to offer,

    Edit: There’s a slight error in the explanation of 17a, as I’m sure anybody who reads it will realise!

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